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Picture this: You’re cruising around, wind in your hair, and you’re riding in absolute style and comfort. This may SOUND like a dream, but it’s totally within reach! 808 Golf Carts has an amazing lineup of 2 seater golf cart just waiting for you to take a spin. And hey, we’re talking about Evolution Golf Carts here, the epitome of comfort and style.


What’s the Buzz About Our 2 Seater Golf Cart?


Let’s dive into the cool stuff, shall we? Picture yourself zipping around in a 2 seat golf cart with some of these unique features:

  • It’s got a zippy 48v Lithium Battery.
  • An aluminum storage bed that locks. Yes, it locks!
  • Seats? Super comfy. Like, premium-level comfy.
  • Safety first: seatbelts, headlights, turn signals, you name it.
  • A 9-inch touchscreen with Bluetooth. Who doesn’t love tunes while driving?
  • Backup camera and turf tires because, why not?

2 seater golf cart

Not Just Another Cart


Evolution Golf Carts are more than just wheels and seats. They’re a statement on wheels. You’ve got those snazzy color-matched inserts on the wheels, seats that feel like a hug, and a cargo box that’s all about being handy.

Zooming in Style


Fast, efficient, and let’s be honest, a head-turner – imagine cruising along in your Evolution 2 seat golf cart.

Why Evolution 2 Seater Golf Cart ?


Fit for Any Lifestyle


Whether it’s for work, play, or something in between, Evolution Golf Carts are where style meets function. And they’re eco-friendly too!


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About Us: 808 Golf Carts


We’re the go-to guys in Hawaii for all things golf carts. Based in Maui, but serving all the Hawaiian islands, we’re all about getting you into your dream cart. Free shipping across Hawaii? You bet. Whether you need a cart for the beach, the streets, or showing off to clients, we’ve got you covered.

The Best Golf Cart Financing in Hawaii


Easy-Peasy Financing


Dreaming of a stylish ride around Maui? We’ve got you. With 808 Golf Carts, you get a wide selection, amazing financing options, and rates that’ll make you smile. No matter your credit, we’re here to help you hit the road in style.


Financing Made Simple


Competitive rates, flexible terms, no hidden fees – that’s how we roll. Our online application? A breeze.

Evolution 2 Seater Golf Cart: Why Choose Between Style and Substance?


The Perfect Fit for any Lifestyle


When it’s time to pick your 2 seater golf cart, the details matter. And that’s where Evolution Golf Carts shine. They’re designed to be practical and stylish, so whether you’re looking for a golf cart for work, play, or somewhere in between, they’ve got you covered. 

The Green Choice


Evolution Golf Carts are kind to Mother Earth, too. Electric power means you’re cutting down on emissions every time you choose to drive your Turfman. 

2 seater golf cart

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