How Much is a Golf Cart on Maui

How Much is a Golf Cart on Maui: What’s the Price Tag?


Ever thought about cruising around Maui in your own golf cart? Imagine rolling down to the beach or zipping to the local market without firing up the car. Sounds pretty idyllic, right? But before you start dreaming of your perfect golf cart, let’s talk turkey: exactly how much is a golf cart on Maui? Join 808 Golf Carts and let’s break down what you can expect to spend.

The Basics: What You’ll Spend on a Maui Golf Cart


If you’re thinking about buying a golf cart, your budget is probably the first question. In Maui, prices for golf carts start at around $6,000 for a basic, pre-owned model, which isn’t too steep. But if you’re looking at new carts, especially those with some bells and whistles, the prices can jump quickly—from $15,000 to much more.


What Affects Golf Cart Prices on Maui?


When answering the question, “how much is a golf cart on Maui?”, it’s important to know the factors that can contribute to the cost.


New or Used?

New golf carts will cost more, but they come with the latest features and a shiny warranty. Used carts are less pricey, but you’ll need to be careful about maintenance and potential hidden problems. It’s all about balance. Browse through our inventory of new golf carts to get an idea of how much a new golf cart can offer!


Features and Customization

The more features you add—like upgraded batteries for better range, custom paint jobs, or high-end sound systems—the higher the price. Think about what features you really need versus what are nice-to-haves.


Brand Matters

Just like cars, brand names in golf carts can influence the price. Some brands are known for their reliability and durability, which might be worth the extra cost if you plan on using your cart a lot. Evolution Golf Carts are the best around, so while they may seem expensive, they save you money in the long run.


Choosing Between Electric and Gas

Electric carts are generally more expensive upfront than gas-powered ones. However, they’re cheaper to maintain, quieter, and environmentally friendly—big pluses on an island like Maui.


Is a Maui Golf Cart Worth the Investment?


Consider how often you’ll use the golf cart. For frequent use or for making your daily routine easier, investing in a reliable, well-equipped golf cart could be well worth it. On Maui, where life moves at a leisurely pace, having a golf cart can enhance your lifestyle, making every trip a little adventure.

So How Much is a Golf Cart on Maui?


Buying a golf cart on Maui can be as simple or as luxurious as you make it. Whether you choose a modest used model or splurge on a brand-new custom cart, there’s a perfect match for your needs and budget. Take your time, do your research, and soon enough, you’ll be enjoying your own slice of island paradise, behind the wheel of your new golf cart. Ready to start shopping? Make sure to contact 808 Golf Carts today!

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