Navigating Golf Cart Regulations in Hawaii

Golf Carts 101: Golf Cart Regulations in Hawaii

So you’re planning to start your new life cruising around Hawaii’s beaches when you realize that you don’t know anything about golf cart regulations in Hawaii…sound familiar? It’s a situation we’ve come across many times. Either you’re thinking about purchasing a golf cart or already have, and you just want some clarity on the rules of the road. Well have no fear! 808 Golf Carts doesn’t only offer a huge selection of Evolution Golf Carts, we are also here to help you learn about golf cart regulations in Hawaii.

Let’s Start with the Basics: What IS a Golf Cart Anyway?

We’ve all seen them, right? Those little vehicles zipping around golf courses, beaches, and in some places–even the streets. But let’s get official for a second: in the eyes of the law, a golf cart is usually defined as a vehicle designed primarily for transporting golf equipment within a golf course, with a maximum speed of less than 20 mph. (We said “designed for” not “limited to”)

So, Can I Drive my Golf Cart on the Street in Hawaii?

Well, it’s a bit of a yes-and-no situation.


  • In designated areas. Golf cart regulations in Hawaii for a street legal golf cart allow for riding in designated areas.


  • You can’t just drive your golf cart everywhere. Main roads and highways? Big no-no.

Getting Legal: Golf Cart Requirements

If you’re itching to get your golf cart on the road (or, you know, the designated paths), you gotta play by the rules, friends.

Safety First:

Safety’s the main thing for golf cart regulations in Hawaii. Headlights, tail lights, reflectors, parking brakes – you need ‘em. And seat belts? Non-negotiable.

License to Chill:

You don’t exactly need a “license,” but you do need a permit. Pop over to your local county’s Department of Motor Vehicles. They’ll help you out. Remember, this isn’t the same as your car’s registration.


I know, I know, it sounds like a bummer. But if you’re on public paths, insurance is a must-have. It’s protection, plain and simple.


Local Nuances: Every Island’s Got Its Own Flair

You ever hop from one Hawaiian island to another and think, “Man, they’re similar but so different”? Golf cart rules, same deal.


Maui’s a bit more relaxed. They’ve got designated zones for golf cart cruising. Stick to them, and you’re golden.

The Big Island:

Over in the Big Island, they’re a tad stricter. Lots of private communities will let you cruise, but outside of that, it’s a bit limited.


Honolulu’s got its hustle and bustle, so they’re stricter (especially in the hustle-and-bustle areas). But there are still plenty of places where you can take a ride.

Don’t Forget the Aloha Spirit

It’s easy to get caught up in the rules and forget why we love these little vehicles in the first place. They’re fun! They’re breezy! And in Hawaii, they’re your own little vehicle through paradise. It’s all about the ride, not the destination. For more information or to get your own slice of paradise contact 808 Golf Carts today!

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